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Why Nemiroff is "The Builders Choice"

Porcelain Steel Products The Builders Choice

Why do Builders love Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products?  Simple:  We make their life easier.

Cost, quality, attractive modern appearance, ease of installation, ease of maintenance and lifecycle are factors that the builder must juggle to decide what products to buy for multi-unit projects. Here's why Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products are

"The Builder's Choice"

Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products are the best deal for the dollar. They cost less in the long run. (Remember, it’s not just what a product costs to purchase - It’s what it costs to use and maintain as the years go by. The total lifecycle costs.)

  1. Our products are competitively priced to begin with.
  2. They’re a breeze to install. Most tubs or shower installations can be completed in
    just 4 hours or less. That means installation labor savings.
  3. Our products are trouble-free - no problems with cracking, peeling, falling tiles, mold, mildew, etc. That means significant material and maintenance labor savings year after year.
  4. And finally, our products last longer. Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products last for 30
    or more years! That’s right, 30+ years! Builders have come to respect and see the savings
    in trouble-free Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products that last that long!

Top notch. We combine the beauty of real Porcelain enamel with the Strength of Steel to create
Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products that have an attractive modern look, outperform the competition and last longer. Plus, our products are all “made to measure”, which means we assure you of the right fit for your job—including the space and accessory items like grab bars, tub/shower valve, etc. Lifecycle?—Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products have an expected
lifecycle of 30 or more years! Now, that’s quality!

The attractive modern look of our products is in the beauty of porcelain itself. When you look at Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel you are looking at a modern innovation of the ancient porcelain art form that dates back a thousand years in China. Porcelain enamel keeps its good looks year
after year. It is scratch resistant, crack resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean. Plus, we can manufacture our Porcelainized Steel Products in unlimited colors, textures and graphics.

Easy Installation
Forget the glue; forget the wait! Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products are mechanically installed. And fast, too! - A Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Tub Liner and Tub Wall installation can be installed in just 4 hours or less! No need to relocate tenants. Plus, our “made to measure” parts are sure to fit your job - we guarantee it. We’ll even show your team how to install our products --- that is 1st class service on a global scale!

Easy to Maintain
This is where we really shine! (Pardon the pun.) Our products are as easy to clean. They’re not
just pretty - they’re rugged too. Cleaning is a snap because our porcelainized steel products
resist stains, flames, scratching, cracking, flaking and other problems associated with the
fiberglass and acrylic products.

We mentioned this in the “costs” section but it bears repeating. Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products have a lifecycle of 30 or more years!

The Choice for hundreds of past jobs
Approximately 200,000 Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products have been installed in Military, College and HUD family housing and dormitory units, as well as in Hotels, Hospitals and
multi-unit Private Apartments. Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel has been “The Builder’s Choice”
for years.

And - the same goes for our Building Wall Panel Systems
The same benefits noted above also apply to our Porcelainized Steel Interior Wall Panel and Exterior Wall Panel Systems. Wherever an attractive modern look, rugged, low-maintenance wall surface is needed - Nemiroff is # 1. Plus, they have one more benefit (not usually of concern with our bathroom products, but still applicable) - they’re graffiti proof.


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