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Porcelain: A Thousand Years of Refinement

Porcelain Steel Exterior Wall Panels

For over 1,000 years Porcelain has been prized as a material
of lustrous and incomparable beauty. Its shine and water repellence, its wondrously smooth touch and its artistic adaptability have made porcelain not only a material of the art world but of practical application as well.

No wonder it has been used for centuries in both the finest table settings as well as the household bathtub.

First produced in China for the exclusive use of the Emperor around the time of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.), by the late 13th century Marco Polo had brought Porcelain back to Europe. There it became a highly valued art form by heads of state across the Continent.

Over the ensuing centuries the popularity of porcelain has grown as new applications were found for this beautiful time-proven substance. People have always preferred porcelain, for its look, its feel and its practicality, from the days of ancient China on into the 21st century

Today Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products represents one of the latest chapters in the history of porcelain, combining an ancient art form with one of the world’s strongest modern substances.

This fusion of the Beauty of porcelain with the Strength of Steel makes Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products both beautiful and practical, long-lasting and affordable.

Tub Liners and Tub Walls

We invite you to find out why Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products are desirable and attractive materials for bathrooms as well as Interior and Exterior wall construction.


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