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Our Shower Floors

Shower Floors and Shower Walls

Look Better, Last Longer & Cost Less in the Long Run

Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Shower Floors are simply the best choice for multi-unit new construction or renovation projects that want a modern look that can last for 30 or more years.

Our Shower Floors are custom-made for your multi-unit job to be self supporting for new construction or for renovation to fit over your existing shower floor without any demo. Our Shower Floors can be used with virtually any other manufacturer’s old shower floor, as well as fit with a new shower wall installation, including with our own Porcelainized Steel Shower Walls. We measure
your multi-unit job and then custom engineer our Shower Floors to fit your new construction space or over your old shower floor.

For new construction Nemiroff Shower Floors come with a drain that makes the plumbing hookup easy and in renovation our Shower Floors have a drain adapter to connect to the existing shower drain.

Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Shower Floors are affordable and are a superior cost effective choice to acrylics, fiberglass and tile shower floor systems, especially in the long run of a 30 plus year lifecycle.

Easy to clean, our Shower Floors look better as time goes by because of the Beauty of Porcelain and the Strength of Steel that does not fade, peel, crack, become unglued, or lose it's shine and luster as can the acrylic, fiberglass and tile shower floor systems. To see all the other competitive appearance advantages of our Shower Floors, please go to 15 Reasons to Choose Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Products.

The physical properties of porcelain enamel on steel give Nemiroff Shower Floors superior resistance to mildew, mold, and scratches and make our Shower Floors fireproof, non-toxic during a fire and are grafitti-proof, to name a few advantages over the acrylic, fiberglass and tile shower floor systems.

To see all the other competitive physical advantages of our Shower Floors, please go to Porcelainized Steel.

Shower Floors and Walls

Let us show you how for new construction, remodeling and rapid renovations, our porcelain enamel on steel Shower Floors outperform, out-save and outlast the acrylic, fiberglass and tile shower floor Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Shower Floors install in just a few hours, you can instantly remodel your old shower floor surfaces by putting our Shower Floors right over them without any demo, which means rapid renovations without relocation of tenants!

Shower Floors and Walls

Our Shower Floors are installed mechanically - without glue that can come undone. When Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Shower Floors are mechanically fastened, they stay put!

However, we engineer our Shower Floors so you can remove them and then re-install them which is a big advantage of the porcelain enamel on steel Nemiroff Shower Floor mechanical installation (just try that with acrylic, fiberglass or tile shower floors!)

Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Shower Floors can be custom made in virtually unlimited colors, graphics or you can chose from our standard colors - your special logo or theme can be put on
our Shower Floors and will last for 30 or more years.

Our Offer to You ...

At no cost to you, for your multi-panel job we will:

  • Engineer your job
  • Cost out your job
  • Prepare customized AutoCad drawings
  • Prepare customized job specifications

Let us custom-make a solution for your multi-panel project.

Nemiroff Porcelainized Steel Shower Floors, can make a big difference for you, and your customers.


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