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Why People Prefer Porcelain

Tub and Shower Walls and Liners

Look Better, Last Longer & Cost Less in the Long Run

People have desired porcelain since its invention a thousand years ago by the Chinese. Why? Because it combines a variety of qualities that make it both artistic and practical at the same time.

The Beauty of Porcelain with the Strength of Steel

Porcelain is beautiful.
This is the first thing people often notice about porcelain. It possesses many of the same qualities that make glass desirable. It shines. And while not clear, it has a translucent character. Porcelain can be fashioned in a variety of colors. The lighter colors are strikingly bright and lustrous. And when light plays upon dark colored porcelain surfaces, they seem to have a kind of glow to them.

Porcelain is a delight to touch.
This is the second thing people notice about porcelain, because after seeing it they are drawn to touch it. It is as smooth as glass, because it contains some of the same elements as glass, yet seems to have more body to it—a luxurious, thick glossiness. Is it any wonder that it has been used in bathtubs for centuries? Porcelain is sensuous.

Porcelain is waterproof.
It’s “a natural” for a myriad of surfaces in the bath and kitchen. But it also makes an excellent building material. Interior and exterior wall surfaces of porcelain on steel are easy to maintain and keep clean. They require no painting. Graffiti just wipes off.

Porcelain is sanitary.
Because of its glossy non-porous surface porcelain is resistant to stains, scratches, mold and mildew. It’s easy to clean because its shiny surface makes it harder for dirt to cling.

Porcelain is long lasting.
Besides being waterproof, porcelain readily adapts to wide fluctuations in temperature. This is why it is used in cookware and stoves. It is beautiful yet rugged. Even after a lifetime of use porcelain bathtubs, china service, cookware and other porcelain surfaces still sparkle.


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